Hmotnostní spektrometrie v diagnostice infekčních onemocnění

  • A. Palyzová Mikrobiologický ústav AV ČR, Praha
  • V. Havlíček Mikrobiologický ústav AV ČR, Praha
Klíčová slova: mikrobiologie, infekční onemocnění, hmotnostní spektrometrie, bakterie, vláknité houby, siderofory


In this review we summarize the most recent application of mass spectrometry in infection diagnostics. The current approaches used in the analysis of viruses, bacteria and filamentous fungi are emphasized. We conclude that the development of new analytical approaches, including the application of microbial siderophores in early infection diagnostic, might help to compensate the projected increase of infectious diseases by the acquired resistance of microorganisms to current known antibiotics, antimycotics and virostatics.