Organic Compounds Detectable in He Loop of Experimental Research Device for Simulation of Nuclear Reactor Cooling at Opening Operation

  • J. Berka Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague
  • I. Víden Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague
  • V. Kozmík Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


High-temperature He loop is a new experimental device for investigation of structural materials for high-temperature gas-cooled reactors. In the first period of the test operation of the device organic compounds were detected in the loop. At low temperatures ethanol and acetone predominated, at higher temperatures more complex organic compounds were observed. The source of organic compounds is residual oil and degreasers from the production of the loop. After multiple flushing of the loop the concentration of organics were notably lower but not zero. On the basis of these findings a change in production of similar devices is recommended to prevent contamination of the device with organics.