Intermetallic Compounds – Preparation, Properties and Applications

  • P. Novák Department of Metals and Corrosion Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


This review summarizes recent research of intermetallics in the Department. The research is focused on high-temperature materials, shape memory alloys and hydrogen storage materials. In the case of high-temperature intermetallics, the development of TiAl-Ti5Si3 and NiAl-Al2O3 composites and Fe-Al-Si alloys is described. Powder metallurgy using reactive sintering has been established as an innovative and promising method for easy preparation of the materials. This method is currently tested and optimized for NiTi shape memory alloys. In the case of NiTi alloys for medicinal implants, surface treatment was developed to improve their corrosion resistance in body fluids and biocompatibility. Ano¬ther important property of intermetallics (such as LaNi5 or Mg2Ni) is their ability to reversibly store hydrogen. In hydrogen storage, hydrides (e.g. Mg2NiH4) are formed. Hydrogen can be released from the materials by heating. The current aim is to develop an easy and efficient method of hydrogen storage and to to lower the hydrogen release temperature.

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