ASGPR a DC-SIGN: C-lektinové receptory se slibným potenciálem v medicinální chemii

Klíčová slova: sacharidy, lektiny, asialoglykoproteinový receptor, receptor DC-SIGN, cílený transport léčiv, inhibice


Lectins are carbohydrate-binding proteins which are involved in plethora of vital processes such as cellular communication, cell migration and cell recognition. Many lectins play an important role in pathogen recognition and initiation of the immune response. Many of these receptors are uniquely expressed on defined cell subsets, which allows for specific targeting of these cells in the complex biological environment. This review highlights the relevance and main obstacles in using lectins as drug targets and discusses in detail the progress that has been made in targeting hepatocytes through the asialoglycoprotein receptor and dendritic cells through the DC-SIGN receptor.