Stabilita radioaktivně značených sloučenin s vysokou specifickou aktivitou [The Stability of Radioisotopically Labelled Compounds with High Specific Activity]

  • T. Elbert Ústav organické chemie a biochemie AVČR, v.v.i., Praha
Klíčová slova: radioaktivně značené sloučeniny, tritium, stabilita, radiolýza


The purpose of the paper is to draw readers' attention to the low stability of radioactively labelled compounds and its potential to distort experimental results. Different modes of decay of radioactively labelled compounds with the high specific activity are discussed. Attention is drawn to the decrease of the specific activity, compared to the freshly synthetized preparation, of the compounds multi­labelled by tritium and repurified after several years of storage at –196 °C in liquid nitrogen. The possible pathways of decay are illustrated by the stability study of 9‑([5'endo,6'endo-3H2]norborn-2-yl)-6-chloro-purine.

Full text English translation available in the on-line version.