Providing Healthy and Safe Drinking Water in Distribution Systems


  • J. Říhová-Ambrožová Department of Water Technology, Faculty of Environmental Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


Fast methods of water sampling and scraping from water tank surface were described. The analyses were performed using paddle testers or tests of biological activity. The tests were informative but fully sufficient for manipulation with water tanks. The investigated microbiological parameters include the growth limits for aerobic bacteria at 36 °C and 22 °C (titres 0? − 102 and 0? − 103, respectively), limit for disinfection control (tjtres 0? − 102), limit for micromycetes (titre 0? − 10) and coliform bacteria (0). Based on the obtained values for microbial contamination, water tanks are categorized and suitable measures are proposed such as optimization of operations and cleaning. Microbial control of air in water tanks was also carried out. Design of a suitable filter unit was also a part of complex monitoring. A filtration unit ECO-Aer with six gradual filtres was mounted in the accumulation area.



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Říhová-Ambrožová, J. (2010). Providing Healthy and Safe Drinking Water in Distribution Systems. Chemické Listy, 103(12). Získáno z