Issue 9 (September)



Page: 689

J. Tomandl

Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University, Brno

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New Knowledge on the Cofactors of Copper Amine Oxidases as a Contribution to Biochemistry of Proteins

Page: 698

M. Sebela, I. Frebort, and P. Pec

Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Palacky University, Olomouc

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Separation Methods in the Monitoring of Chiral Drugs Using the Direct Injection of Biological Samples

Page: 711

C. Mislanova and J. Oravcova

Institute of Preventive and Clinical Medicine, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

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Continuous Fermentation Processes in Beer Production Using Immobilized Yeast

Page: 722

Z. Domeny, D. Smogrovicova, and E. Sturdik

Department of Biochemical Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Slovak Technical University, Slovak Republic

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Spectrophotometric and Extraction-Spectrophotometric Determination of Selenium

Page: 729

J. Balogh

Department of Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Faculty, Uzhgorod State University, Uzhgorod, Ukraine

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The Screening Smoke based on Phosphorus as a Perspective Protection Precaution

Page: 735

L. Klusacek

The Military Technical Institute of Protection, Brno

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Comparison of the Effectivity of Two Different Rehydration Solutions on the Solubilization of Proteins Separated by Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis

Page: 743

J. Stulika, K. Koupilovaa, L. Hernychovaa, A Macelaa, W. Kaffenbergerb, and D. van Beuningenb

aInstitute of Immunology, Purkyne Military Medical Academy, Hradec Kralove, bInstitute of Radiobiology, Medical Academy, Federal Armed Forces, Munich, Germany

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Direct Determination of Chromium in Blood Serum by Electrothermal-Atomization Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Page: 746

O. Mesteka, T. Zimab, M. Suchaneka, and J. Zilkova

aDepartment of Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, bFirst Institute of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry, First Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague

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Analysis of Volatile Halogenated Hydrocarbons in Water by Solid-Phase Microextraction and GC-MS

Page: 751

J. Janda and V. Viden

Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague

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