Issue 5 (May)


Monolithic Stationary Phases. Place of Birth: Prague

Page: 232

F. Svec

Department of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, USA

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Intake, Bioavailability, and Metabolisms of Plant Polyphenols in Humans

Page: 239

J. Slanina, and E. Taborska

Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University, Brno

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Metathesis Utilization in Synthesis of Specialty Chemicals

Page: 246

J. Kopecny, L. Kurc, and L. Cerveny

Department of Organic Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, Czech Republic

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Immobilized Metal Ion Affinity Chromatography and Its Application

Page: 254

E. Zatloukalova

of Pathophysiology, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague

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Procedure for Isotachophoretic Determination of Thiodiglycolic Acid in Urine Using Desalination of the Analyzed Sample

Page: 260

J. Chylkova and R. Fadrna

J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague

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Identification of Proteins by Combination of MALDI-TOF Peptide Mass Fingerprinting and Fragmentation of Sulfonated Peptides

Page: 264

J. Lencoa,b and J. Stulika

aProteome Center for the Study of Intracellular Parasitism of Bacteria, Purkyne Military Medical Academy, Hradec Kralove, bDepartment of Medical Biology and Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Hradec Kralove

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Proceedings of 4th Interdisciplinar Meeting of Young Biologists, Biochemists and CHemists

Page: 271

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