Issue 10 (October)


Alternative in silico Methods for Toxicity Testing of Chemical Compounds

Page: 675

M. Tichýa, Z. Rotha, K. Bláhab, and A. P. Worth

National Health Institute, Šrobárova 48, 100 42 Praha 10, b Section of Environmental Hazards, Ministry of Environment, Praha, cEuropean Centre for Validation of Alternative Methods, Joint Research Centre, European Commission, 21020 Ispra, Italy

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Bioremediation of Soil and Wastewater Contaminated with Toxic Metals

Page: 682

K. Dercováa, J. Makovníkováb, G. Barančíkovác, and J. Žuffaa

aDepartment of Biochemical Technology, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, bSoil Science and Conservation Research Institute, Regional Station Banská Bystrica, Slovak Republic, cSoil Science and Conservation Research Institute, Regional Station Prešov, Slovak Republic

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Some Notes on Basic Parameters, Determination of Empirical Formula and Incineration of Solid Municipal Waste

Page: 694

P. Horbaj

Department of Energy Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Technical University, Košice, Slovak Republic

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History and Significance of Chiral Analysis of Amino Acids in Biological Matrices and Environment

Page: 703

H. Zahradníčkováa,c, P. Hartvicha,b, and I. Holoubekc

a Laboratory of Analytical Biochemistry, Institute of Entomology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 370 05 České Budějovice, b Department of Organic and Nuclear Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Charles University, 128 43 Prague 2, Czech Republic, c Recetox, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, 625 00 Brno, Czech Republic

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Structure and Properties of Natural Humic Substances of the Oxyhumolite Type

Page: 711

Lenka Veseláa, Martin Kubalb, Josef Kozlerc, and Petra Innemanováa

aDivision of Remedial and Environmental Projects, Dekonta Co., Prague, bDepartment of Environmental Chemistry, Faculty of Environmental Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, cResearch Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Ústí nad Labem

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Determination of Platinum in Soil Samples by Inductively-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

Page: 718

Oto Mesteka, Agnes Fonverneb, and Jan Poláka

aInstitute of Chemical Technology, Technická 5, 166 28 Prague 6, Czech Republic, bEcole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand, 24, avenue des Landais, BP 187, 63174 Aubiére Cedex, France

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Plutonium and Americium in Selected Biological Samples of Environment

Page: 726

L. Jantošováa and Ľ. Mátelb

a Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Nuclear Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Komenský University, b Department of Nuclear Chemistry and Radioecology, Faculty of Science, Komenský University, Bratislava

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Determination of Bioavailable Species of Lead and Cadmium in Soils by Differential Pulse Anodic Stripping Voltammetry

Page: 731

M. Kudravá and D. Rúriková

a Research Institute for Soil Science and Soil Protection, Bratislava b Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

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Transfer of Laboratory Results to Plant Scale in Development of Reactor for Alkylation of Aniline with Ethanol

Page: 737

L. Dluhoš and M. Pavelek

Amine Technology Development, BorsodChem Moravian Chemical Works, Ostrava

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Outsourcing in Chemical Business Performance

Page: 743

A. Pálffy

BC-MCHZ Ostrava

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Page: 673

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Page: 746

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