Modification of the Optical Probe of the Perkin-Elmer LS 55 Luminiscent Spectrometer for Measurement of Fluorescence Spectra of Skin Surface

Page: 653

M. Mokrýa, J. Kušnírb, P. Gála, K. Dubayováb, M. Synekb, and J. Saboc

aFaculty of Medicine, bDepartment of Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry, cDepartment of Medical Biophysics, P. J. Šafárik University, Košice, Slovakia


One end of the double cable in commercial instruments is installed in the cuvette space of the instrument and the other one is free. As the optical cables do not include either optical components or an optimal fixation mechanism for the distance adjustment, the measurements using those accessories do not give reproducible results. Our modification including addition of other components to the cable terminal enables the instrument to monitor biological processes on skin surface.


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