Evaluation of the ETA-AAS and HG-AAS Methods of Selenium Determination in Vegetables

Page: 518

O. Hegedüsa,b, A. Hegedüsováb,c, J. Gašparíka , and A. Ivičičováa

a Regional Authority of Public Health, Nové Zámky, bResearch Institute of Vegetables, Nové Zámky, cDepartment of Chemistry, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovak Republic


Two methods of selenium determination, ETA-AAS and HG-AAS, were compared and evaluated. The following validation parameters were determined: accuracy (under repeatability conditions), trueness, calibration curve and linearity, limit of detection, limit of determination and combined standard uncertainty of the method. The HG-AAS method was more suitable for the determination of low selenium concentrations in vegetables. The results were calculated by the standard addition method because of the strong matrix effect.


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