Fucosidase and Fucose-Containing Glycoconjugates

Page: 324-329

E. Benešová, M. Marková, P. Lipovová, and B. Králová

Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


α-L-fucosidase, an important exoglycosidase, is involved in the metabolism of fucose-containing glycoconjugates. The deficiency of the enzyme causes some incurable diseases, such as fucosidosis. Fucose-containing glycoconjugates are essential, as they are involved in several processes such as inflammation, reproduction, cell-cell interaction, signal transduction, growth regulation, and ligand-receptor interaction. The knowledge of fucosidase (its active site and catalytic mechanisms) and of fucose-containing glycoconjugates is not yet complete. At present, some uncomplicated methods for synthesis of fucose and fucose-containing glycoconjugates are sought, as the compounds can find some applications in therapy of severe diseases, such as cancer. For the synthesis of fucose-containing glycoconjugates, fucosidases with the ability to catalyze transglycosylation reaction can be used.


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