Recent Progress in Asymmetric Hydrogenation Catalysis

Page: 157

L. Bartek, P. Klusoň, and L. Červený

(Department of Organic Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


Asymmetric catalysis has become an essential part of many processes in the production of chiral fine chemicals. The review summarizes the progress in enantioselective catalysis in recent years. The review is focused on advances in the field of heterogeneous, homogeneous and immobilized enantioselective hydrogenation catalysts. The most promising methods in the research and development of modified metals, Ru-BINAP complexes and immobilization procedures are discussed. Since the beginning of asymmetric catalysis research, many stereoselective syntheses have been put into practice on industrial scale. Heterogeneous and homogeneous approaches used in this field suggest the chances of immobilization as a technique that combines the advantages of both of them. The most useful heterogenisation techniques are presented.


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