Technological Aspects of Acid Decontamination of Carcasses

Page: 865

P. Pipeka, P. Filaa, J. Jelenikovaa, J. Brychtab, and M. Miyaharac

a Department of Food Preservation and Meat Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, b State Veterinary Institute, Jihlava, Czech Republic, c Department of Animal Sciences and Resources, Nihon University, Fujisawa, Japan


Some aspects of surface acid decontamination of beef and pork carcasses with lactic acid or citric acid solutions were studied. A warm (45 °C) solution of lactic acid was more effective in shelf life prolongation than a cold one (15 °C). Citric acid was less effective than lactic acid. Treatment with lactic or citric acid reduces weight losses in carcass chilling and storage. Consequently, the costs of the decontamination treatment are compensated.


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