Rapid Cooling of Alloys - Importance, Technology and Utilization

Page: 180

D. Vojtech, B. Bartova, J. Verner, and J. Serak

Department of Metals and Corrosion Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


The process of rapid cooling of metal alloys and its utilization in technical practice are the topics of the review. The most significant features of the rapidly solidified alloys are described in detail. These features which can be conveniently used in designing materials with improved mechanical properties and high performance have been of great interest for solid- state physicists. In addition, the four industrial processes of rapid cooling that are the most widely utilized until the present time are characterised: melt atomization by a pressure medium, planar flow casting, melt spraying and surface remelting. The last part of the paper is devoted to a detailed description of the planar flow casting facility designed and constructed at the Institute.


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