New Chemistry School-leaving Examination - New Method of Evaluation of Secondary-School Leavers

Page: 934

H. Ctrnactovaa and M. Vasileskab

a Department of Chemistry Teaching and Didactics, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague, b Institute for Information in Education, Prague


The article informs the professional and pedagogical community on most important phases in development of chemistry teaching as well as on preparation of chemistry school-leaving examinations at secondary schools in the Czech Republic in the 1990's. It outlines the reasons for implementation of the new examination scheme coordinated by the Centre for reform of school-leaving examination. The article analyzes the list of requirements for chemistry school-leaving examination (2000) and the collection of problems for common part of chemistry school-leaving examination (2001). The obtained results with the collections of problems in 2001-2003 as well as analysis of the results of two selected problems from the 2003 test are given.


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