HPLC Determination of Phenol and Chlorophenols in Mixtures in Water after Previous Preconcentration by SPE on modified Silica and XAD2 Sorbents

Page: 33

R. Kostrhounova a, A. Hrdlicka a, and L. Sommer b

a RECETOX, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Brno, b Institute of Environmental Chemistry nad Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Technology, Brno


Octadecylsilica Accubond C18 and macroporous polymer Amberlite XAD2 are suitable for the preconcentration of 15 chlorophenols at pH 3 in the presence of 10% KCl or 10 % NaCl from 100 ml of solution. The acetonitrile elution from the columns was quantitative. The eluate was evaporated to 0.2 ml under nitrogen at room temperature and phenol and chlorophenols were separated and determined by HPLC on a Supercosil LC PAH 250x2.1 mm column using gradient elution with methanol - phosphate buffer (pH 3.5) mixtures. The method can be used for the determination of 0.05 mg.l-1 of chlorophenols in water, when preconcentrated on Accubond C18.


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