Application of Natural Zeolite of the Clinoptilolite Type in Agrochemistry and Agriculture

Page: 260

M. Rehakovaa, S. Cuvanovaa, Z. Gavalovab, and J. Rimarb

aDepartment of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of P. J. Safarik, Kosice, bSection of Research, CHEMZA, a.s. Strazske, Slovak Republic


Zeolites of the clinoptilolite type, as natural, inert and nontoxic materials, are widely applicable in the contemporarynotion of ecological agriculture. Their structure is ideal forsorption and for ion exchange processes. Due to their structureand properties, the zeolites can be used as a slowly releasingcarrier of agrochemicals, fertilizers, pharmaceutically and biochemicallyactive compounds for veterinary pharmacy, includingdesinfectants. Natural zeolites can be also used for improvingphysical properties of soils and for treatment of contaminatedsoils. They are also suitable as additives to animalfeed, where they enhance important body functions.


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