Biodegradation and Bioremediation of Pentachlorophenol (PCP)

Page: 991

K. Dercovaa, Z. Kyseľovaa, G. Barancikovab, Z. Sejakovaa, and A. Maľovaa

aDepartment of Biochemical Technology, Slovak University od Technology, Bratislava, bSoil Science and Conservation Research Institute, Presov, Slovak Republic


PCP has been widely used in a number of industrial applications. As a consequence of its intensive use and due to the stability of its molecule, it has become a progressively widespread contaminant in soil, sediments and landfills. Because classical remediation technologies (incineration, etc.) are generally non-ecological and non-economical, alternative methods involving biodegradation by microbial populations have been developed. The two known pathways of biodegradation (oxidative and reductive), as well as factors affecting PCP degradation by microbial strains, are reviewed here. Also, different suggested bioremediation strategies and those recently developed are outlined.


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