Voltammetric Determination of Cu, Pb, Cd, Zn and Tl using the Silver Solid Amalgam Electrode

Page: 756

B. Yosypchuk and L. Novotny

J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague


Use of the nontoxic pen-type mercury-meniscus-modified silver solid amalgam electrode (m-AgSAE) for voltammetric determination of Cu, Pb, Cd, Zn and Tl was described. The obtained repeatability and detection limit amounted to 2 % and 1 ppb, respectively. m-AgSAEs could be completely renewed by applying an appropriate electrochemical pretreatment. Use of the PC controlled measuring system enabled getting rapidly the data and corresponding concentration dependences in automatic mode, even under conditions, when the ratio between concentrations of the analyte and the other depolarizers was 1:100. m-AgSAEs proved to be suitable for numerous types of rapid voltammetric measurements not only in laboratories, but also in the field, flow through systems, etc.


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