Quality Evaluation of Sugar Beet by Crystallization Tests with Thick Juice

Page: 625

Z. Bubnik and P. Kadlec

Department of Chemistry and Technology of Saccharides. Institute of Chemical Technology


The article deals with the evaluation of sugar beet based on crystallization tests of thick juice. A standard methodology was developed of measuring the yield of sugar based on crystallization tests with thick juice, including programs for preparation, control and evaluation of tests and the relations between the composition of nonsugars in sugar beet and the sugar residue in molasses or the yield of sugar. The methodology can be utilized by cultivators and processors of sugar beet for evaluation of technological quality of sugar beet. A valuable result of the project is the extensive data bank of properties of sugar beet pertinent to current conditions of its cultivation in the Czech Republic. The data bank can be used by sugar beet cultivators, the sugar manufacture community and in projects dealing with new perspectives and potentials of sugar beet utilization.


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