Use of Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography for Evaluation of Thermal Cracking of Naphtha

Page: 325

Z. Belohlava, D. Pavlika, T. Herinkb, P. Svobodab, P. Zamostnya, and J. Marekc

aDepartment of Organic Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, bChemopetrol Co., Litvinov, cShimadzu Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Prague


The use of pyrolysis chromatography for the evaluation of steam-cracking naphtha feedstocks in plant conditions is described. The laboratory pyrolysis involves a pulse quartz tube reactor and an online dual gas chromatograph equipped with a system of capillary columns and detectors. The quantified yields of pyrolysis products obtained in laboratory are transferred to the plant conditions using an artificial neural network.


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