Measurement and Systematic Processing of Some Physicochemical Properties of Organic Pollutants

Page: 290

V. Ruzicka, K. Ruzicka, and M. Zabransky

Department of Physical Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


Vapour pressure is one of the most important physicochemical properties that control the fate of pollutants in environment. A survey of activities aimed at obtaining recommended data on vapour pressure for several families of pollutants is presented. Measurements of vapour pressure, heat capacities and enthalpies of fusion were carried out using the following techniques: the static method, comparative ebulliometry, and the Knudsen effusion method for vapour pressure and three different Setaram calorimeters for heat capacities and enthalpies of fusion. The experimental data obtained were merged with literature data, critically assessed and correlated using exact thermodynamic relationships to generate the recommended vapour pressure valid in an environmentally relevant temperature range.


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