Enzyme Immunoassay of Bitter Peptides from Caseins

Page: 198

M. Vitkovaa, L. Fukala, G.M. Brettb, and P. Raucha

aDepartment of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, bInstitute of Food Research, Norwich, UK


Five peptides have been targeted to be synthesised which are correlated to bitter flavour of cheeses. Four are from as1-casein (14EVLN17, 17NENLL21, 26APFPQVF32, and 26APFPQVFG33) and the fifth from ß-casein (61PFPGPIPNS69). Using rabbit polyclonal antibodies raised against conjugates of these peptides with bovine serum albumine, competitive indirect ELISA methods for determination of peptides have been constructed and characterised. The detection limits for individual peptides are in the range 1-5 µg.cm-3. For concentrations in the centre of standard sigmoid curves, values of relative standard deviation were estimated to be less than 15 %.


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