Influence of Process Parameters on Crossflow Microfiltration of Dispersion Systems

Page: 982

P. Mikulasek, P. Dolecek, J. Cakl, P. Pospisil and D. Smidova

Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice


A review is presented of basic characteristics of ceramic microfiltration membranes, factors influencing the performance of microfiltration processes and some methods of intensification of microfiltration of dispersed systems. Suitable methods of membrane testing and selection were studied (measurement of liquid flux - pressure dependence and determination of pore size distribution). Chemical engineering characteristics of cross-flow microfiltration were studied experimentally (effects of transmembrane pressure diference, feed flow rate above membrane, membrane type, size of dispersed particles and electrostatic interactions between particles and membrane) and several methods of microfiltration intensification (rotating membrane, fluidized bed, static inserts or gas-liquid two-phase flow in the feed stream). In addition, the course and mechanism of membrane fouling were studied with a view to finding membranes and operating conditions suitable for treatment of wastewater with dispersed particles of various kinds.


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