Determination of Lasalocid in Animal Feeds by Fluorescence Detection for Contents Lower than 5 mg/kg

Page: 123

M. Dousa

Central Institute for Supervising and testing in Agriculture Brno, Regional Laboratory Department, Plzen


An HPLC method of determination of lasalocid was developed for fast monitoring of its content as an undesirable additive in final fodders. Lasalocid is extracted from a sample with a mixed solvent ethyl acetate - hexane and, after purification of the extract with silica gel, it is determined by HPLC on a reverse C18 phase with fluorescence detection. The determination limit (50 µg/kg), repeatability (0.1 mg/kg) and yield of the method (95 %) were found for lasalocid concentrations 0.5-5 mg/kg. The repeatability was determined for real samples of final fodders.


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