Utilization of NaOCl/Fe2+, HOCl/Fe2+, and H2O2/HOCl/Fe2+ Systems for Oxidative Degradation of Water Solutions of Dyes

Page: 331

J. Prousek and J. Domotorova

Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, Slovak Republic


Water solutions of some dyes produced by Bayer (Isolan Orange S-RL, Isolan Marineblau S-RL, and Isolan Gelb S-GL) were decolourized by the NaOCl/Fe2+, HOCl/Fe2+, and H2O2/HOCl/Fe2+ systems. These Fenton-like reactions also show a very good efficiency in lowering COD. The best results were obtained using coagulation initiated by the Fenton or Fenton-like reaction. The oxidation systems used led to better results than in a simple Fenton reaction.


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