The Use of ELISA Method for the Determination of Chloramphenicol in Food Products of Animal Origin

Page: 190

U. Kucharska and J. Leszczynska

Institute of General Food Chemistry, Technical University of Lódź, Lódź, Poland


A sensitive, competitive ELISA method (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) for the determination of chloramphenicol (CAP) in food products of animal origin is proposed. The method involves extraction of CAP from samples containing methanol, ethanol or ethyl acetate. In one series of samples, enzymatic hydrolysis of homogenates was used. The procedure, selectivity and sensitivity of immunoenzymatic determinations using an ELISA system are described and discussed. In the tested food products, the presence of CAP from 100 to 102 ng per g of dry matter was found. The limit of CAP determination in the analysed samples was 0.5 ng.


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