HPLC Separation of Genotoxic Derivatives of Naphthalene

Page: 1014

V. Quaiserova, J. Zima and J. Barek

UNESCO Laboratory of Environmental Electrochemistry, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Charles University, Prague


The following optimised conditions for the separation of naphthalene, naphthalen-1-amine, naphthalen-2-amine, 1- and 2-naphthols, and 1- and 2-nitronaphthalenes were found using a combination of the prediction of chromatographic behaviour of the tested substances with ChromSword® (Merck) optimisation software and experimental verification: LiChrospher® column, 24-min linear gradient, acetonitrile (40 - 70 %) - phosphate buffer, pH 2.3 (60 - 30 %), flow rate 0.5 ml/min, UV detection at 285 nm.


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