Antifungal Metabolites Produced by Micromycetes

Page: 21

K. Lesova and M. Sturdikova

Department of Biochemical Technology, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, Slovak Republic


The number of new antifungal compounds is steadily growing due to the increase in the number of diseases associated with the impairment of the immunity system and the resulting spreading of fungi as predominant pathogens. The paper surveys fungicides isolated from micromycetes since 1994. The metabolites are arranged according to the Berdy system of chemical classification of antibiotics. The metabolites described are representatives of glycoside antibiotics, peptides and non-typical amino acids as well as heterocyclic, alicyclic, aromatic and aliphatic antibiotics. The classes of peptides, non-typical amino acids and heterocyclic antibiotics are most frequent. The substances in classes are briefly characterized from the viewpoint of their structure, antifungal properties and production microorganisms. Total 38 micromycetes metabolites with fungicide properties are described. Search and research of new antifungal therapeutics rapidly continues satisfying the pronounced and growing needs of human and veterinary medicine. The paper provides a brief survey of these substances with their basic characteristics.


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