Determination of 2-Napthylamine in Waste Gas Using HPLC with Diode Array (DAD) and Electrochemical Detectors (ED)

Page: 138

J. Lehotaya, F. Halmob, D. Oktaveca, and M. Lacuskac

aDepartment of Analytical Chemistry, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, bResearch Institute of Petrochemistry, Prievidza, cSlovak Agency for Environmental Research, Bratislava, Slovak Republic


A simple HPLC method has been developed for the separation and determination of trace level 2-naphthylamine in waste gas. Sample collection was performed directly in a sorption solution containg 0.1 mol.l-1 hydrochloric acid. The separation was achieved on a 150 x 3.3 mm column filled with Separon SGX C18, dp= 5 m. To enhance the selectivity of the method two detectors, diode array (DAD) and electrochemical (ED) in a line system were used. The method permits the measurement of naphtylamine in samples with detection limit 50 ng in 1 ml of the sorption solution for DAD and 10 ng in 1 ml of the sorption solution for ED. The limit of determination depends on the volume of sampling of waste gas.


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