Assessment of Fly Ashes by the Leaching Test Under the Enactment No. 338/1997. Determination of Repeatability and Reproducibility by Interlaboratory Study.

Page: 806

P. Janos and M. Hamalova

Research Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Usti nad Labem


A new Czech leaching test under the enactment No. 338/1997 was used to assess leachability of selected inorganic contaminants, in particular heavy metals, from fly ashes. Main analytical performance characteristics of the test (repeatability and reproducibility) were determined in a collaborative study using a procedure described in the standard ISO 5725-2. Ten laboratories from the Czech Republic participated in the study. The repeatability expressed as relative standard deviation of the leaching test ranged from ca. 1 % for macrocomponents to ca. 46 % for microcomponents, whereas the reproducibility ranged from ca. 6 % for macrocomponents to ca. 46 % for microcomponents.


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