The Role of Internal Diffusion in the Hydrogenation of Butanal, 2-Methylpropanal and 2-Ethylhex-2-enal in Autoclave on a Copper Catalyst

Page: 705

J. Hanika and H. Malcekova

Department of Organic Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


The rate of hydrogenation of butanal, 2-methylpropanal and 2-ethylhex-2-enal was studied on a copper catalyst in the shape of tablets and Raschig rings at 100 to l60 °C and 7 MPa was studied. It was found that the reaction is strongly affected by internal diffusion since the catalyst particles with a larger external surface (Raschig rings) were markedly more active. A first-order rate law with respect to the hydrogenated aldehydes has been confirmed.


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