Oxidative Degradation of Poly(Ethylene Glycol)s (PEG) by the Fenton and Photo-Fenton Reactions

Page: 218

J. Prousek and I. Duriskova



The oxidative degradation of PEG and epsilon-caprolactam by the Fenton and photo-Fenton reactions was investigated. The reduction in chemical oxygen demand (COD) ranged from 72 % for PEG 6000 to 84 % for PEG 300 at the initial concentration c = 300 mg.l-1. A satisfactory decrease in COD was also attained in the purification of technological waste waters. The results and, above all, technological parameters such as sludge structure, speed, and time of the sedimentation have been improved using the flocculant Zetag 57. Better results were obtained with photo-Fenton reaction than with Fenton reaction.


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