Luminescent Techniques Applied to Bioanalysis

Page: 477

S. Girotti*, E. N. Ferri*, S. Ghini*, F. Fini*, M. Musiani**, G. Carrea***, A. Roda**** and P. Rauch*****

* Institute of Chemical Sciences, University of Bologna, ** Institute of Microbiology, University of Bologna, *** Institute of Hormone Chemistry, CNR, Milano, **** Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy, ***** Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


The principle of luminescent systems (firefly and bacterial bioluminescence, luminol, dioxetane and acridans chemiluminescence) is described. The bio- and chemiluminescent reagents can be employed as highly sensitive and, together with immobilized enzymes, also specific detection systems in bioanalytical assays both by using batch determination and continuous flow systems. An example of versatile manifold (flow sensing device) is shown. A list of possible bioanalytical applications is given. (in English)


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