Synthesis of Leaf Alcohols

Page: 342

P. Kukula, P. Kluson, and L. Cerveny

Department of Organic Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


cis-3-Hexene-1-ol and trans-2-hexene-1-ol are usually referred to as the leaf alcohols. The compounds are of special commercial interest, especially as fine chemicals suitable for perfume industry and food processing as powerful additives to flavours and fragrances. Their basic chemical, physical, and odouring properties are surveyed. The principal part deals with the synthesis. It is shown that the preparations are difficlut multistep procedures which are reflected in the price of final products. One of the most serious problems is the required stereospecificity and regioselectivity. Alternative ways of preparation based on catalytic hydrogenations of 2,4-hexanedioic acid and its esters are also discussed.


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