Utilization of the Manometric Determination of BOD for Evaluating the Biodegradibility of Xenobiotics

Page: 128

J. Hoffmann, J. Houser, I. Reznickova and F. Bednarik

Department of Environmental Technology and Chemistry, Technical University Brno, Zlin


The possible utilizations of simple manometric devices of the Bial series in investigation of biological decomposition of xenobiotics is described. The study concerns easily decomposing substances and substances potentially degradable. The time course of biological oxygen consumption (BOD) makes possible the determination of final biodegradibility from BOD values in the curve maximum, elimination of the potential accompanying processes (nitrification, respiration of protozoa), and calculation of the kinetic constants of biodecomposition from the 1st order or 2nd order kinetics. The possibilities were verified in biodecomposition of model substrates and the positive experience is surveyed. The present OECD, ISO and Czech Standard recommendations and standards were considered in the choice of test conditions.


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