Apparatus for Volumetric Monitoring of the Anaerobic Decomposition of Organic Compounds

Page: 877

J. Hrncirik, J. Klima, and J. Kupec

Department of Environmental Technology and Chemistry, Faculty of Technology, Technical University, Zlin


The laboratory volumetric apparatus designed for the study of anaerobic decomposition of organic compounds was tested with a heterogeneous culture of microorganisms. Methanol, sodium acetate, and acetic acid were tested at cca 35oC, 3.5-7 mmol.l-1 organic substrate, and 2.5 g.l-1 dry biomass. Very good reproducibility of determination was obtained for the amounts of biogas corresponding to 60-90 % theoretical methane depending of the type of substrate. Optimization of the measurement can give a substance to this method which is less expensive than the manometric method.


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