Enantioselective Reductions of Prochiral Ketones by Means of Oxazaborolidines

Page: 9

M. Taraba* and J. Palecek**

*Spolana, ZKCH, Neratovice, **Department of Organic Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


The possibilities of synthetic utilization of enantioselective reductions of prochiral ketones catalyzed by 1,2,3-oxazaborolidines are shown on a series of representative pattern reactions. The presented reactions are evaluated from the point of view of reaction conditions, i.e. type and amount of the used catalyst, reduction agent (BH3.THF, BH3.SMe3, catecholborane), solvent (THF, toluene, CH2Cl2, i.a.) or activator (simple alcohols or ethanolamine).


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