Impact of Disinfecting Effect of P3 Topax 66 for Hygienic Mode in Food Processing Plant

Page: 338

K. Veszelits Laktičováa, M. Vargováa, T. Pošivákováa, J. Švajlenkab, R. Hromadaa, I. Cimbolákovác, J. Koščovád, and L. Takáče

a Institute of Animal Hygiene and the Environment, UVLF, Košice, b Institute of Construction Technology and Management, Technical University, Košice, c Department of Physical Education and Sport, Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ in Košice, d Institute of Microbiology and Gnotobiology, e Institute of Forensic and Public Veterinary Medicine and Economics, UVLF, Košice

Keywords: disinfection, P3 Topax 66, microorganisms, hygiene, foodborne diseases, biofilm


The aim of the article is to monitor the total numbers microorganisms, coliform bacteria and fungi located on the surface and in the air before, during and after disinfection with P3 Topax 66 in selected areas. Statistical analysis confirmed the efficacy of the P3 Topax 66 disinfectant in all of the three analyzed groups of microorganisms present on the surfaces and in the air with the exception of disinfection efficacy on air coliforms, which could not be shown due to the low detection sensitivity during monitoring.


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