New Psycho-active Substances

Page: 234

L. Fojtíkováa, B. Holubováa, and M. Kuchařb

a Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, b Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds, c Forensic Laboratory of Biologically Active Substances, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Keywords: new psychoactive substances, synthetic drugs, spice, cannabinoids, phenylethylamines, cathinones, spice, bath salts


The presented review demonstrates that new psychoactive substances represent an increasingly popular form of recreational drugs. In recent years, primarily substances from the group of synthetic cannabinoids, synthetic cathinone and phenethylamines come to the fore. These synthetic substances pose a significant health risk for users and their early detection is desirable. Besides traditional instrumental methods, such as LC/MS or GC/MS, several user-friendly immunochemical methods were developed in connection with the analysis of synthetic cannabinoids, cathinones and phenethylamines, which can detect at least some members of these groups.


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