Metaloproteins of the Ferritin Type

Page: 115

Ľ. Kišš, P. Fodran, and L. Žemlička

Department of Nutrition and Quality Food Assessment, Institute of Food Science and Nutrition, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology STU, Bratislava

Keywords: ferritin, iron, magnetic properties, Mössbauer spectroscopy


Ferritins are metalloproteins containing in their reaction center an iron atom, which is bound to various amino acid ligands. The main function of ferritin in human body is a storage of iron. Besides, ferritin fulfills a number of other functions, the mechanisms of which are not yet known. Apart from this, ferritin significantly affects various types of malignant or other diseases. The elucidation of the structure and properties of ferritin helps to understand these functions and effects.


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