Modern Utilization of Biowaste from Wine Grape Processing

Page: 103

P. Cviner, K. Pádrová, and I. Kolouchová

Department of Biotechnology, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Keywords: polyphenols, winery, waste by-products, Vitis vinifera


Vitis vinifera is one of the most widely grown crops throughout the world. During the production of wine, various by-products are accumulated. The most important waste by-products include stems, grape pomace and wine lees. This is the reason why the wine making industry became one of the main producers of biowaste which burdens the environment. However, the waste by-products may be a source of many valuable substances. Therefore, the research is focused on the possibility to use the winery waste by-products as a new source of antioxidants; it is especially the utilization of the stems and the canes which have not been used for this purpose yet. The antioxidants can further be used in food industry or medicine.


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