Evaluation of a Mathematical Model to Estimate the Nitrogen Oxides Emission Factors

Page: 809

F. Skácel, K. Maneva, and V. Tekáč

Department of Gas, Coke and Air Protection, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Keywords: highway communications, air quality, nitrogen oxide emissions, validation of emission models, emission factors


Emissions of nitrogen oxides currently represent a crucial problem of ambient air quality protection. Mathematical models used to simulate the traffic emissions situations were designed by many institutes across all continents. Only a few of those models were evaluated using simultaneous measuring of corresponding NOx concentrations in the ambient air. The most convenient site for those validation measurements are the road tunnels. HBEFA is the most popular model within the Central Europe area. The previous validation studies indicated a certain overestimation of the model calculation results, as compared to measured values. Comparison of the HBEFA model results and several measurement campaign data in Czech Republic confirmed this trend and emphasized the need of a further improvement of this model.


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