Comparison of Antibacterial Activity of Silver Wound Dressings

Page: 804

V. Vosmanská, K. Kolářová, and V. Švorčík

Department of Solid State Engineering, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Keywords: wound dressing, silver, antibacterial properties, bacteria


In present work, antibacterial properties of wound dressings containing silver were compared by standardized procedure in vitro. Wound dressings were namely Atrauman Ag, Aquacel Ag+ Extra, Aquacel Ag Foam, Actisorb Plus 25, Mepilex Transfer Ag and Melgisorb Ag which are commonly used for the therapy of infected non-healing wounds. The amount of released silver differed substantially according to the environment. The main problems of reduced Ag release were caused by Cl– ions. In the environment simulating human body, the Ag release was reduced by 64–99 % which was the main cause of diminished or no antibacterial activity. Based on the results of the in vitro tests, for healing of infected wounds it could be recommended to use wound dressings made of sodium salt of carboxy methylcellulose or sodium alginate doped with silver in the form of AgCl.


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