Biodegradation of Textile Dyes in Wastewaters by Laccases

Page: 798

K. Herkommerová and I. Pichová

Laboratory of Viral and Microbial Proteins, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

Keywords: laccases, biotechnology, „green“ chemistry, synthetic dyes, wastewaters, textile industry, organic pollutants, biodegradation


Environmental pollution by industrial waste is a major problem today. Textile industry is one of the principle sources of this pollution because it releases a large amount of water containing residues of dyes and other additives. Many methods are being currently used for wastewaters treatment. Here, we describe in detail the role of laccases in the process of dyes degradation and wastewaters treatment. The toxicity of wastewater before and after treatment by various methods is also discussed.


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