The Colour Clocks – Light Exposition Dosimeter Using Chemical Principles

Page: 644

P. Klusoň a,b, P. Dzik c, M. Veselý c, L. Kubáč d, J. Akrman d, V. Wertzová e, K. Ettler e, and T. Obr f

aInstitute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic; bInstitute for Environment, Faculty of Nature Science, Charles University in Prague, cFaculty of Chemistry, Technical University in Brno; dCOC Pardubice; eFaculty of Medicine of Charles University in Hradec Králové, fInvos Svárov, Svárov

Keywords: light sensitive films, photochemical reactions, light induced color change, UV light, exposition dosimeter


The primary intention of this work was to bring information on the research, development, and construction of advanced thin film light sensitive elements. They are designed to be used for direct monitoring of the time variable with the help of preciously calibrated color change induced by irradiation in variable ranges of the light spectrum. Protection of many objects of cultural heritage includes also their protection against light. The protection would not be possible without measuring the dosage of radiance, to which every such object has been exposed. Another important application area comprises the warning of users that their exposure to the UV light upon outdoor activities has passed. It was shown that the proposed principles are ideally suited for such purposes.


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