Petroleomics: Theoretical Background and Applications to Characterize Petroleum Fractions and Biofuels

Page: 628

M. Staš aand J. Chudoba b

aDepartment of Petroleum Technology and Alternative Fuels, bCentral Laboratories, University of Chemistry and Technology Prague

Keywords: petroleomics, high-resolution mass spectrometry, petroleum fractions, biofuels


The knowledge of the chemical composition of petroleum-derived fuels or biofuels is very important in order to fully use their potential. In the recent years, petroleomic characterization has been applied for petroleum fractions and biofuels. In petroleomic studies, high-resolution mass spectrometry has typically been used as the main analytical tool. The most sofisticated high-resolution mass spectrometers allow for resolving and detecting of thousands of compounds in complex samples. This work reviews the principles of petroleomics and presents its possible applications for the chemical characterization of petroleum fuels and biofuels.


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