Cholinesterase Biosensor for Detection of Nerve Agents

Page: 645

K. Vymazalováa,b, E. Halámekb, and J. Kadlčáka

a Military Research Institute, State Enterprise, Brno, b University of Defence, Faculty of Economics and Management, NBC Defence Institute, Vyškov

Keywords: detection, nerve agents, biosensor, cholinesterase reaction


This article deals with a detection of nerve agents. A photocolorimetric biosensor was designed for the detection of this group of cholinesterase inhibitors. This biosensor utilizes the enzyme butyrylcholinesterase. Ellman's modification of the cholinesterase reaction was used for the determination. To test the detection ability of the proposed cholinesterase detection means, tabun, sarin, soman, cyclosarin, agent VX and R33 were used. The detector was able to detect these substances in the air at very low concentrations (5.79· 10-8 - 4.33·10-7 mg L-1, depending on the type of inhibitor).


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