Prediction of Hydrodesulfuration Catalyst Operation Life Cycle by Experimental Accelerated Deactivation Method

Page: 641

V. Tukača, A. Prokešováa, M. Zbuzekb, and R. Černýc

a Department of Organic Technology, University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Prague, b Unipetrol RPA, Division of Technology Development and Effectiveness, Záluží, c Unipetrol Research and Education Centre, Department of Industrial Chemistry, Záluží

Keywords: hydrodesulfuration catalysts, hydrogenation of middle distillates, catalyst operation life cycle, accelerated deactivation method, deactivation kinetics, prediction of temperature development


Predicting the catalyst operation life cycle is a crucial step of a new catalyst usage. The paper presents a method for assessment tests of the hydrodesulfuration catalyst by an accelerated deactivation. Results in a form of operational temperature trajectory of middle distillate hydrodesulfuration by Co-Mo sulfidic catalyst are presented.


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